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  1. Sold: Renault Zoe ZE40, £10,900 ono. 29,500 miles, blue, battery lease. Hampshire

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    We are selling our Zoe ZE40 R90 as we have a ZE50 on the way this week. The car is in great condition, has 29,500 miles and belonged to the Mrs since we got it 3 years ago. 41 kWh battery and 22 kW charging rate. Listing at £10,900 for the quick sale. No time wasters please :)
  2. Renault Zoe won't charge

    Renault ZOE
    Another "Zoe won't charge" post? Yes I know, I know, there are already many posts like this, but hear me out. Recently I bought a second-hand Renault Zoe R240. Only 11.000 km, in great condition, reasonable price, it looked like a good deal. The seller even drove the to my driveway (+/- 100km...
  3. Inconsistent data updates in My Renault app

    Renault ZOE
    I’ve got a 16 reg Zoe, I bought it secondhand in 2019 from Wilsons in Epsom. The MyRenault app on my iPhone has never worked properly, it updates randomly about every 45 mins, and I can’t swipe down to refresh, which is particularly annoying when I’m charging, and away from the car and need to...
  4. Selling >>> Original Renault Zoe domestic 3-pin plug charger

    Renault ZOE
    Original Renault Zoe 3-pin domestic socket charging cable (Granny lead cable). Only used twice since owning it. Immaculate condition. In working order. Bought from Renault official website. RRP £514. Genuine reason for selling due to infrequent use of the cable. PM if interested. Selling...
  5. Zoe rear curtain airbags?

    Renault ZOE
    There seems to be no information anywhere online on whether any Zoe model of any trim level has rear curtain airbags. Can any current Zoe owner clarify? It's a key consideration for us with young kids. Several car dealers I've asked are as stumped as I am :-)
  6. Renault Zoe, Kangoo & Twizy Battery Cells

    Renault ZOE
    Hello fellow Renault enthusiasts. I am working on a second use battery storage made from batteries from Renault Zoe, Kangoo & Twizy electric vehicles. I am contacting the forum regarding information about these batteries, for example specific data sheets regarding the li-ion batteries (with...
  7. Affordable EV's, distance questions, winter

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I was doing research into EV's and I still cannot find any clarity about real distance difference between them... especially in freezing temperatures. Looking into the affordable second-hand EVs available and it's basically just 4 cars: the "Triplets", VW e-up!, Nissan leaf and Renault Zoe...
  8. SOLD - 2015 (65) Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav 22kWh - 14k Miles

    We Are EV
    Click here to view this car on our website 2015 (65) 22kWh Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav BATTERY LEASED vehicle, (from £49 a month inc. LIFETIME BATTERY WARRANTY) Real-world range 75-100 miles Excellent condition inside and out. 14k Miles Just serviced The 7kW/22kW on-board charger...
  9. Undecided on which Zoe to purchase :/

    Renault ZOE
    Dear forum users, I have come to a crossroad which has deterred my decision-making ability on which Zoe to pick as my very first car. I am hoping you guys would pour in valuable opinions and advice in getting me out of this dire situation. Which Zoe would you prefer out of the following two...
  10. 2017 (67) White 40kWh Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    https://drive-green.co.uk/product/2017-67-white-40kwh-renault-zoe-dynamique-nav/ Mileage: 22,000 Price: £12,495 This 2017 Renault Zoe is now on the Drive Green forecourt. This car has been well looked after, is in great condition and looks fantastic in it’s white finish. This model also has a...
  11. Now sold Renault Zoe Dynamic nav 16 plate battery lease, 14000 miles

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello all, For sale, well loved Renault Zoe in white 2016 selling due to job change. I am the second owner, 14000 miles but used daily at the moment so will change. Still under warranty till May 2020, MOT till may 2020. Battery rental is on this car so would need to be transferred to new...
  12. Whats the KWH for Delphi Granby cable for zoe

    Renault ZOE
    Hi. Just bought a Delphi Granny charger from ebay for the zoe, i think Delphi is for the i3??. To my surprise its taking more longer than expected. What does the granny lead charge at KWH? From 30% it said 13 hours for full and in the morning when i woke up it was fully charged. A week ago from...
  13. Cant charge at home 2014 Zoe

    Renault ZOE
    Hello, i just bought a used 2014 Zoe, but cant charge it at home, i keep getting errors, I'm using the Renault EVSE, and I live in a old building. What can I do ? I have heard that Zoes are picky due to earth connections, is there a way to fix it ? I have tried charging the car in my brother's...
  14. Zoe refuses to charge via Renault granny lead

    Renault ZOE
    I recently tried to charge our new-to-us 65-plate R240 Zoe via a genuine Renault granny lead I bought off eBay. With the second-hand but otherwise unused granny lead plugged into a 13A socket in the garage the car gave the 'Battery Charging Impossible' message and refused to charge. I see from...
  15. Used Zoe battery lease VS Used Nissan Leaf

    General EV Discussion
    Good afternoon everyone, im looking into buying and EV, but dont have much money. I do 40kms per day, so i need a battery lease with at least 13000km. Im presented at the moment with 2 options (both paying in 120 months), 1st: Renault Zoe Intense 240, from 2016, with 1135 Kms, for 14.900 Eur...
  16. My Z.E. iOS App always logging out

    Renault ZOE
    Hi all, Wondering if any of you have a solution to my very minor issue. Almost every time I go to my Zoe app I’m logged out of the car. No matter how many times I type my email and password in, if I leave the app to idle for a while I’m logged out again even if I hit remember me. Anyone had...
  17. Renault threatening to switch off my Renault Zoe battery.

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Renault threatening to switch off my electric vehicle. I have bought my Renault Zoe car completely outright (not on hire purchase or lease) and they are threatening to remotely switch off my vehicle. Can they do this? Has anyone had the same issue?
  18. Buying used 2014 Zoe Intens

    Renault ZOE
    Hello everyone, since i have always been a fan of EVs, and my peugeot 206 just got totaled, i need a cheap car (gonna have to lease it). I live in Portugal, and im looking at the used Renault Zoe market here, i have my eyes on a used 2014 renault zoe intens with 30000kms, with batteries paid...
  19. Zoe third-party warranty

    Renault ZOE
    Hi peeps, My recently purchased Zoe-i model has run out of its Renault extended warranty as it expired on 29th March 2019. I am looking into purchasing a third-party warranty (better than none for a peace of mind). Do you guys have any suggestions on which one works best and why? Or is the Zoe...
  20. Worth the money?

    Renault ZOE
    Hi guys, I recently bought a Zoe-i Dynamique Intens (15 reg) privately with a 22,000 mileage and the battery is included in a £8200 price tag. The general condition of her is absolutely fantastic with no signs of wear and tears considering she is aged four at present. The interior looks as...