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  1. New Renault Zoe owner - great car

    Ice Breakers
    A revelation in stress-free city driving. The ze services software made it a joy up to last week. The cold snap and a change in the ze software app has taken some of the shine and heat(!) off, but let's hope the niggles are sorted out soon.
  2. Purchasing a Leaf/Zoe on 2 year PCP - best deals

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all, New to the forum but have been a reader for 6 months since I purchased my Leaf. I'm now in the hunt for a 2nd EV (Its addictive), and been made aware of a ex demo Zoe ("14) 5k mileage, on a 2yr PCP for £116/month inc battery hire and £300 down and 6k miles per annum. I know there...
  3. Headache During and After Driving

    Renault ZOE
    Hi Zoe drivers! Has anyone experiensed headaches during or after driving Zoe? I'm very happy with my Zoe, but this headaches that im experiencing is something that never happend to me with combustion cars. Did someone have the same experience? Thank you! Sérgio