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Anyone come across and tried these codes on the 10" infotainment on the e208, corsa & other PSA cars?
I was hoping for battery % but didn't see much in 1130 option mentioned below. Otherwise the codes I tried worked.

Press the car symbol button for 6-10 seconds and then release it and a keyboard will appear.
Type one of these codes (which I copied from here and is also shown working on this german forum) These are quite old codes from "wave 2" displays, so there may be other codes. I haven't tested many or tried guessing numbers.

1111 Spy log generation
1122 Master mask
1130 Information about amplifier, battery etc
1133 Information about radio / received / freq
1134 Information on satellites and services
1135 TomTom version
1136 Information about WiFi devices
1137 current user status, temp.
1138 Linux, USB, processor utilization
1139 GPU memory load
1140 connection status WiFi, tethering, Bluetooth, rndis, ipadreesen and macadressen and much more.
1141 Connected USB devices
1142 ATB connection
1143 no information without serial connection
1144 tone becomes quieter
1145 Provider status, SMS status
1146 Download status

Press the Tick
Then delete the code and type 1122 followed by tick (you can also just delete the last 2 characters and type 22)
and it will open one of those menus above.
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