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My mileage has dropped significantly since the colder, wetter weather set in. Where I live (Southend) we still haven't recorded an air frost so it hasn't been particularly cold. My two >100 mile drives on one charge were both in extremely favourable conditions, the first a deliberate attempt (round trip to Maidstone) and the second in extremis when both rapid chargers at Beaconsfield were out of action. I'd already done well over 70 miles when I got there, and eventually made it to Reading with a tortoise showing. 103.9 miles...

80 miles on 100% is perfectly acceptable I'd say, particularly at this time of year. Listen to the Carwings woman: every so often she announces the average economy of all Leaf drivers for a given period. In the summer it was about 4.2 mpkwh. Yesterday it was down to 3.5, presumably because it's a regional average and our region is Europe. Assuming 21 useable kwh in a full battery, 3.5 equates to 73.5 miles. Whereas in the summer I can get over 5 mpkwh, even on a long run, on Sunday I drove about 135 miles and achieved 4.5 mpkwh. Actually, more accurately, my son drove about 30 of those miles so that was a joint effort. I do not mind pottering along at 50-55mph in the slow lane of the motorway. The motorways I use the most are the M2 and the M20, both of which have long, grinding climbs in them so the heavy lorries tend not to be going any faster anyway. Going downhill into the Medway valley, it's possible to go at about 70mph with a couple of green dots showing.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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