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Took a trip out to Legoland again today with the family, the boot full of supplies for kids and others we met there, hot day aircon on, just a regular day out.

In the year we've have the LEAF the Electric Highway has grown massively, and now there's not one, but two rapid chargers at Beaconsfield on the M40 Legoland is a breeze.

It turns out we covered exactly 115 miles, and arrived home with 29% / 27 miles range shown in the car, and it was EASY.

Drove down at regular road speeds (speed limits) and stopped for literally ten minutes on the rapid while having a "comfort break" and organising the kids.

Great day at Legoland.

Stopped on the way back for 13 minutes (same again) and headed home again at regular speed limits. Got home before our ICE driving neighbour who set off the same time as us and followed their GPS!

Probably the most relaxed, least stressful journey we've ever had in the LEAF, maybe in any car... so simple.

This is the first time we've had a longer journey where we could just "sip" like that, and it's brilliant. As rapids become ever more widely deployed this could become the norm, I think I prefer two 10 minute breaks over one 20/30 minute stop. Takes the edge off.

Edit to add averaged 4.5 miles per kWh according to the trip, quite pleased with that being four up, boot full and aircon almost the entire way there and back.

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Does a 10 minute charge cost the same as a thirty minute charge?
At the moment - using Ecotricity rapids - yes.

Bear in mind that when Paul wrote this report (2014), the chargers were free to use.
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