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Yes to the dealer looks like your best option.
Out of interest have you fitted a dashcam , or do you leave an OBD adapter always plugged in? These are both possible drains enough to alert the car into a semi active state, which consequently can draw significant aux battery current...
And apparently any of the rear hatch /doors / front bonnet not quite latched can also wake up the car.
I think there is a fundamental problem with Kona’s at present. Mine is 6 months old, had the recall and then failed with an EV system fault. It has been uplifted to Hyundai UK where it has sat for 3 weeks. I have been loaned another one, with 40miles on the clock, and this left me stranded too with a battery fault. I had no issues with my Leaf. I don’t want it back, as these 12v issues are just not excusable on a car costing nearly £40k
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