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Hi All,
Right I’ve been having the dreaded 12v battery issue but think I’ve found one possible solution.

It all started 2 months ago with a genuinely flat and bad battery replaced by the RAC. A week later the new one was flat again and they came and jumped. A few days later again, then again and then again (by this time I was jumping it)... All the flats were early morning, never out on the road,

Booked the car into Nissan for a diagnostic early last week and found out it was due MOT. Couldn’t find anything wrong, 12v battery tested as OK. Flat again by Friday morning

Over the weekend with a bit of sun so I’ve been out with a multimeter. The 12v is definitely charging as it’s meant too as there’s a 14v spike when I connect up to charge for the first 5 min or so with the voltage dropping back down to about 12.9. Once the car has finished charged the 12v steadily drops off over about 4-5 hours going below 12v if I leave the car connected to the pod, The relay in charge of this also quite warm in the car. If I disconnect when charged no voltage loss and the relay isn’t warm.

What I noticed in a brief respite from the kids was that the charge pod was making a clicking sound once the car was charged. If I disconnect the cable from the car but leave it in the pod, the clicking continues bit if I take it out it stops.

My theory is that there’s a glitch with the cable or the pod which is causind a small current drain. I tested a different cable and the clicking didn’t happen but I tested my cable on another pod and I got no clicking either.

I’ve rung Rolec and Nissan. Rolec had never heard of this but didn’t think it was too bonkers, Nissan I think though I must be high on something and kept asking me if I’d asked the dealer.

Since I’ve been disconnecting at the end of charge though, no issues.

Welcome any thoughts on this one.

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