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12v Battery Error

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This morning -3 degrees ... and this appeared !
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The 12V battery is the Achilles heal of many BEVs. Does yours have to original battery or has it had the recall for the bigger one?

In any case hook it up to a 12V charger and plan on doing this every 6-months as a preventative erasure.
The battery is the original - and is due to be replaced as part of the s/w upgrade in Jan 2023

18 months ago the dealer attempted swapping the battery, in an attempt to resolve a number of errors - but the car refused to code the alternative battery (they tried using from the loan car) ... I'm expecting grief/issues when they try to do the swap for the larger/new battery !
My car is back online now and the App working fine. 🤷‍♂️
When mine "crapped out" over the weekend - my solution was to plug the car in and "preheat" through my Ohme - and the 12v battery error, and App - started communicating.

My theory ...

  • The 12v battery reported low voltage (due to cold / is failing - needs replacing, symptom of old s/w version?)
  • then because the main HV battery was too cold it wouldn't (for some reason) top the 12v battery up
  • but then I decided to select "preheat" on my Ohme, it warmed up the battery to a sufficient temperature to allow it to then charge the 12v battery
  • The the 12v battery error went, and the app started working
1 - 3 of 7 Posts