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12v battery trickle charger/boost

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Hi all
I’ve the new 12v battery as part of the 2.4 update for the ID.4

I’m having problems due to a partial 3.0 install (infotainment screen keeps rebooting) which is drawing power from the 12v
Dealer can’t see me for another 2 weeks, so need to get something for peace of mind that I won’t go out to a dead 12v one morning.
Does anyone use a Noco portable jump starter and could recommend one?
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I bought one for and ID.3 1st Max I bought in September 2020. I still have it (for my current ID.5 GTX) but I've only used it once.... to help a colleague who had left his Tiguan with the lights on ;-) Obviously I didn't have much problems with the ID.3 The one I bought was the NOCO GB40 Lithium Startbooster 12V 1000Ampere. I think everyone should have one in the car, if only to help others.
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