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This wheel has almost exactly the correct rolling radius to replace the o/e alloys. If you were silly enough to buy the optional spacesaver wheel recommended by VW, you'd find its rolling radius to be more than 10% different ! And the VW price would have been a lot more than the £60 I actually paid. I'd like to recoup at least half that (but would welcome a bidding war between half a dozen eager purchasers :D )

I bought it in Oct 2015 and have been carrying it around (almost) in the dedicated wheel well of my e-Up! ever since. I've only ever needed to use it once when OH 'kerbed' the car four miles from home. Now selling it as I no longer have the e-Up!

I (& the wheel) live just off M1 junct 29 near Chesterfield. I'd prefer to sell it to someone who can collect though might consider delivering it for electricity cost (I think my New Leaf will cost approx. 2.5p per mile).

Wheel is fully described in a topic on the e-Up! forum launched in 2015 but promoted yesterday :-
e-Up! Spare Wheel
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