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15 x BMW i3 CCS Combo Rapid Chargers installed between Oxford & Canbridge

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Good news, I wonder if they are working yet ?

(p.s. thread title needs tweaking)
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(p.s. thread title needs tweaking)
I wonder if they are just CCS?
This might be the 16 or so in MK?
Free until 1st April, after then no prices for rapids were announced that I could see... Come get it while it's hot!
are the new MK ones switched on or still just in the ground
Rumour has it going live this week, but at this stage so far as I know, just in the ground. Nissan at the dealers so can't confirm, some chargers here have been in the ground for more than three months and remain inactive, so who knows!?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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