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Every time you see someone fitting 18" wheels to their e-Golf the first bunch of replies will be "what range do you loose"

So since I own an e-Golf and had 18" wheels fitted from March through to Nov this year then swapped them out for my Standard 16" wheels for winter driving I thought I would gather some data for the community.

The control measures
  • Car is always Pre-heated for the full 15 mins at 26deg
  • AC is on at 24deg
  • I drive with Cruise control as much as possible during the commuting
  • Car was always finished charging 5 mins before departure
  • Tyres were inflated to the allowed MAX on the sidewall
  • I drive with the same eco ways I do on a daily basis (rolling up to junctions using B to slow me down, and driving around mostly in regen 2)
The Commute
The return commute is 68 miles. I drove the same route over the 4 weeks of testing. The only thing I can't control was the weather which ranged from a freaky 11deg day down to -3, but my average outside temps was between 0 - 4deg most days with wind and rain a constant companion.

The Charging
When I returned home each night I plugged the car into the Zappi 2. Just before leaving I would check the unit as I returned the plug into its holster for how many KWh's where added in the charging session.

The Car
  • Lowered on Eibach Pro Springs
  • TRC Front splitter
  • 16" standard wheels on Bridgestone Turanza tyres 205 55 16
  • 18" fitted with Pirelli Centurato P7 Blue wheels 225 45 18




My Opinion

I have a night rate of 8p per KWH, I will never be seen driving around with No cab heating, gloves and coats or improvised Ciggy lighter electric blankets. I will continue to drive at National speed limits and have my Heating at 24 deg. Why people drive around at 50mph with gloves, coats and blankets just to save on 1-2 Kwh's is beyond me... I understand if you had a 130-mile trip you might slow down and make it without charging. But on longer trips I'd rather hammer it at 70 and stop en-route and get a charge and Coffee. In my opinion, there isn't enough of a Kwh saving to care about speeds or if you have the heating turned on...But if Hypermiling floats your boat Ignore this post LOL

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The car looks a lot better (to my eyes) than standard and the 18" wheels really suit it. Given your comments on convenience Vs efficiency I can see why the 5% loss is acceptable to you, and agree with the same caveat that the marginal increase in range isn't a prerequisite of your normal journey. All of which is a pompous way of saying the 18" makes sense.
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