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Any one thought about fitting 2 leaf cells (or multiple thereof) to replace 12v.
The benefits would be a very large,1000w storage battery for camping.

At a charging rate of 14.4 v you would only charge the battery up to 55%, which for general use would be OK as the lithium battery's don't like being fully charged for long periods.
But, if you could find some way of increasing the voltage up to say 16.5v, then when you were stationary for a long period you have a hell of a lot of storage space especially if you do multiples of them.

You would need a low voltage cut off to protect the battery and, as I have found out, also to get the vehicle started.
I left the fridge on and had to borrow a starter pack to get the electrics up and running, to compound my problems the hv battery was full so couldn't plug in.

So, something to think about. 🤔
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