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In 1969 Reagan, then Governor of California, visited a symposium on electric vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona. He was so impressed with one foreign model which was in limited production, he declared "Why can't we do that here?". He offered to find the manufacturer a factory site and promised subsidies and guaranteed orders. He even suggested that people buying a home on Catalina Island should be given one - petrol vehicles were, and still are, restricted there.

A two seat commuter vehicle, it could reach 48 m.p.h. and had a range of up to 56 miles using the lead acid battery technology available at the time. Some enthusiasts are looking to updating their vintage cars to modern batteries to illustrate how the range could be extended. It was charged by simply plugging in to a domestic mains socket.

The car in question came out of a competition by the United Kingdom Electricity Authority to design a vehicle for, mainly, their meter readers....

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