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1978 Datsun 280z (Nissan) converted to plug-in electric.
A classic sports car that needs no oil, gas, coolant or smog certificate.
This 280z is equipped with:
Netgain Warp 9" DC motor (less than 3,000 miles)
5 speed manual transmission (less than 3,000 miles on the clutch)
BF Goodrich Advantage tires (less than 2,000 miles)
Fiberglass racing hood (takes 50lbs off and allows full access under the hood)
Curtis controller 144 vdc. It was running at 120 volts using lithium iron phosphate batteries.
110 and 220 volt charger
The batteries have been removed but the battery management system is pretty new and can be used with a new set of similar batteries. The acrylic enclosure and binding straps for the batteries are also included.
The car is not running but with a new set of batteries it will be good to go.
As far as performance, I've driven it up to 90mph on the highway. The speed and range will be determined by your choice of batteries. A steel trunk was installed where the gas tank used to be. I only had batteries under the front hood so there is a lot more room for batteries than what I was running. The range could be greatly extended by utilizing that space for batteries as well. The car charged overnight using a standard outlet but the charger also works at 220v for a faster charge.
There are some extra parts like the stock mirrors, emblems, extra headlamps, dash cover. . . The gas flap has been removed and smoothed over. The power cord is where the exhaust pipe would be.
The heater/defroster unit is very loud and not efficient. The interior needs work but mechanically, it is a nearly new electric car in a classic body.
Batteries not included.
Complements, looks and blown minds are included.

Up for auction on eBay until Sunday 11/8



blast from the past for me though, my second car was a '76 'T' 260Z 2-Seater and my third a '72 'L' 240Z

Bought the 260 for fifteen hundred quid and now you can't get a decent one under £30K. Bought the 240 for less than a grand and they're like fifty grand now :oops:
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