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Hi all,

For info, I'm in the outskirts of Barcelona.

We've had our car since early December and after a few frustrations (nowhere to charge, temp/volume panel not lit) we've been really happy, we got the model here called a "Pro Max"

We're on 564, so missing a few niceties, especially wireless CarPlay, but the wireless charging is a dream.

We're getting about 350km on a 100% charge, in Eco, charging to 100% due to range anxiety. The few cold days we've had certainly had a material difference to range and I am wondering what the summer aircon impact will be.

Initial concerns regarding chargers turned out to be due to the Map Data in the Sat Nav (which by the way is so incredibly out of date it's not funny, e.g. items in the Sat Nav haven't existed for 6 years or streets not turning up in search, even when you are parked on that street!)

Using the ChargeMap app on IPhone suddenly opened our eyes and there are chargers all over the place. We're lucky here in Catalunya there are multiple 50kWh chargers that are free, yep,, 100% free and from experience hey charge around 41kWh.

The car drives very well, we're in the hills with a lot of curves and it sticks to the road superbly, acceleration is great, especially when you know there's free electricity at the other end.

Touching wood here, we've have none of the various reported issues other than random warning lights, but we do take the car out every day for short trips and stuff.

Things I'd like as changes: higher quality build internally, a bit tacky with that shiny plastic, memory seats by key or by screen selection would be good and safety cameras+warnings in the Sat Nav.

We've over 3000km on it now and very happy so far, a bit nervous about allowing our car to be updated frankly :)


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