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'20 e+ Tekna - Headlights always on

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Hey all,

Prior to taking into Nissan for investigation, was curious if anyone else has had an issue where the headlights are permanently on, along with a reminder to turn them off when switching off the car?

It started last night for me, when I pulled up onto the drive (was dark) it prompted me this message upon shutting off, thought nothing of it as it disappeared after 2-3 seconds, and I set a timer to charge. However driving it this afternoon in bright sunny conditions, the headlights remained on - screens dimmed, and the message still appears to turn off the headlights each time after you shut off the car.

Looked around a bit online, and see other mentions to the sporadic behavior of the auto headlight activation, but not really specific to this, and the message... Interestingly, I also tried to change the headlight activation parameters in Leaf Spy Pro, however as soon as I hit "Save changes" it immediately reverted back to the previous values for anything changed.

I feel like it's the ECU or body management system which has got confused somewhat and needs a reboot, however was not turning up much around a procedure for this online for >'18 Leaf models. I could disconnect the negative battery terminal to reset things, but wanted to see if there was a more graceful way to do so beforehand.
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It's a bit of a long shot, is the stalk switch on the auto setting? has it been accidently moved to side lights or on to the front /rear fog lights?

There is a auto head light sensitivity setting in the menu, may be worth trying that.

Pulling the fuse for the headlights and reinserting might cure, again a long shot.'
Should have mentioned that... Stalk is on the "Auto" setting. If I switch to 'side lights' it will do that, so it acknowledges that change, but somehow just thinks that they're permanently on. Very strange.

Good call on the fuse, however from past experience, they don't usually link in any computerised controls into the fuses otherwise those components can become damaged in a surge / short too...

Also adjusted the sensitivity in the menu too with no dice.
Fog light on ? Switching on fog lights puts on headlamps
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Fog light on ? Switching on fog lights puts on headlamps
Bingo! That was it... I did switch the fronts on when it was dismal rain / standing water driving back lastnight. Crazy how the car knows the fogs are on but they chose to just use the 'Turn off headlights' message! Argh...

Also was very used to several of my old cars having momentary switches for the fogs so they would automatically shut off when the car was powered down - I do wish that became a legislation for all cars so you don't get drivers leaving fogs on days on end...

Thanks for helping solve the puzzle.
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Glad that sorted it , I only noticed it the other day when it was foggy, first time i ever used them and noticed it switched on the headlamps as well...
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