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2012 Black Nissan Generation 1 Leaf - Drive Green
Miles: 41,600
Price: £7,895
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We have another great Nissan Leaf on the Drive Green forecourt now. This particular car is the Gen 1 model with smartphone control for preheating so you never have to scrape your windows or get into a cold car. This car also comes with upgraded media and navigation. A 7″ touchscreen controls everything whilst the full colour reversing camera, cruise control and speed limiter make driving this car as easy as possible.

Like all modern Nissan Leafs, this car comes with DC rapid charging enabling you to recharge the car at a motorway services in around 25 minutes. See our public charging guide for more information.

We love the Nissan Leaf at Drive Green. It is such a fantastic all round vehicle. It is no wonder they have sold over 250,000 of them. Nissan Leafs have ample power and handle fantastically due to their low centre of gravity. There is plenty of room in the car for the whole family and a large boot to match.

We can’t wait to get you into the seat of this Nissan Leaf for a test drive. We know you will enjoy the experience and we are always here help discuss anything from range and daily use to chargepoint installs and solar integration.
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