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2013 Chevrolet Volt

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My ex wife wants rid of my ex Chevrolet Volt.
About 50,000 miles. Viridian Joule light green. 125 lifetime mpg when I last saw it. Lower grill protector fitted, HID headlights. 30GB of music on the HDD. No problems so far as I know.
If anyone wants it for £1 more than the trade-in value it is yours. I think she is looking at ~£7000 trade in but may be less.
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I will get some pictures and post them. The only picture I have at the moment is my avatar which shows the "personalised" plate that comes with the car V21 OLT
The Volt has actually been PX'd today but I am going to post some pictures and the dealer's contact details in my GM forum thread in a few minutes
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