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Not an EV but a pretty nice looking convertable.

http://www.thecardriving.com/read/1235/ ... -at-25000/

- bigger than an Astra, smaller than an Insignia (sounds familiar)
- Delta II chassis (sounds familiar)
- 4 seats (sounds familiar)

It already looks a bit Ampera-ish (but have we lost the new "family face" already).

Yes, I'm suggesting that this should have a Voltec ER-EV option.

Think about it, a convertible attracts a premium, which helps justify the extra drivetrain cost. EV convertible motoring is really addictive. This could be a really good opportunity to get Voltec into a more mainstream model and start getting a bigger return on that R&D.

I've sounded out the convertible drivers at work and they are keen on the idea :)
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