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2016 (66) Crystal White BMW i8 - Drive Green
Miles: 5,696
Price: £56,995
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The BMW i8 is an absolute marvel of engineering and offers a level of performance and ability that has never before been seen on a car with such high green credentials.

It is a car of magnificent contradictions. Sleek, super car looks combined with 4 seat practicality. High power and effortless performance mixed with great economy and even pure electric driving.

Our latest BMW i8 at Drive Green is a stunning example of this model. It looks breathtaking in the upgraded Crystal White bodywork with the black and blue accents. The car is sleek and low with magnificent dihedral doors that always catch the eye. This particular car has been really well looked after and the exterior condition is excellent.

The upgraded 20″ alloy wheels and black brake calipers on our car add another layer of visual presence to the already striking exterior.

On the inside the cockpit is driver-focused and ergonomic. The first thing you realise is actually how comfortable and relaxing the driving position is. The seats are both supportive for spirited driving yet comfortable enough for a long GT style cruise. The interior on this car has been specified as the Grey Leather Carpo Interior World which brings a lot of light to the cabin. When nightfall comes, the cabin is lined with extended ambient lighting that brings a great outline to the interior design architecture.

The car drives absolutely perfectly as would be expected of a car with less than 6000 miles from new. The driving experience is quite remarkable in an i8. When in Sport Mode the heavily boosted 1.5 litre engine provides a massive bootful of power whilst the electric motors on the front axle fill in all the gaps and help launch the car off the line and out of corners with an urgency that is quite astonishing. The gear changes on the paddles are absolutely instantaneous and the sound is incredible.

What really sets the i8 apart though is what happens out of Sport Mode. In Normal comfort mode the car will effortlessly combine EV driving and occasional light motor use for normal driving to achieve huge mpg figures, even when driven with vigour. However, we wouldn’t have a car on our forecourt if it didn’t have the full EV mode. The i8 can silently and efficiently cruise at any legal speed using just electric power and can be charged up quickly on a normal plug or Type 2 charge point. Most people’s commutes or regular drives can be completed purely on electric power if that is desired.

We love that we can drive the car home on pure renewable energy and get the most out of the car’s battery with knowledge that the performance of an out and out sports car is only a tap on the gear lever away.

This car is truly a sight to behold and we cannot wait to have you down here to take a look around. Please do get in contact if you have any questions.
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