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I took it back into warranty and they kept telling me my battery SOH is within the limit. Is there a reason for a huge drop on my range? Should I get a 2nd opinion from another dealership. I barely can get a return trip to my work these days without low battery warnings.

I am sure there are forums possibly on this issue but I don't have time to search. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you everyone.
Afraid the range is roughly within spec, given expected battery degradation and the cold.

According to EV-database the range for a new Kia Soul 2016 (ie. no battery degradation) is 65 mi. / 105 km in the cold at highway speeds:

On the plus side the range estimate (GOM) on the Kia Soul is very reliable so if you can live with the annoying low battery reminder you'll be OK.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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