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I bought my Leaf in October and have been so enamoured by it that I'm going to upgrade to an Evalia so we can use it as the main family car.
I was very fortunate to get a real gem, it's at 98% SOH and even in October it was doing >1.1miles/%. It's not been below 0.8 all winter and mostly around 1.0.
I have run it mostly locally but had return runs to Manchester (450miles) and many to Grimsby (240miles) to visit family.
I've put on 2.5k miles since getting it and it's now on about 16500 (and rising).
Great example of a Leaf30 that I will be sad to see go, but looking forward to getting an Evalia.
Pics show current state taken at 64% charge.
Check out my other discussions about it on the forum.
DSC03590.JPG DSC03591.JPG DSC03592.JPG DSC03595.JPG DSC03596.JPG
I'm offering it to members for £13250.
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