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Morning All,
My car is 2017, so no Android Auto officially available however, I've seen a videos on the tube showing that can be done by downloading ddt4all software and obtaining a very specific cable.
Here comes the question (or more like few 馃榾) :
Is there anyone around Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee who have done it and have the cable already?
I am more than happy to buy/rent the cable from them. I can see a lot of cables around the internet but I don't wanna get one only to discover that it doesn't work. Therefore I am looking for one that is already proven that works.
If you don't want to let your cable go, than can you unlock my Android Auto for me please. For your time and good will a lot of beer tokens are on offer as a compensation 馃憤
Thank you

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Try asking on RZOC too, you may get lucky.
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