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'18 Zoe ZE 40 R110 + '21 VW ID.4 1st
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Are you only looking for responses from people who own 2019 EVs? I (in the UK) have a 2018 Zoe and a 2021 ID.4, but I'm happy to answer if that helps... I would say 95% of my charging is at home (previously off a 3-pin wall plug, now off a 7 kW home chargepoint). 5% on motorway rapid charges, 0% at work. As for range, the answer is "it depends". My 41 kWh Zoe averages ~170 miles in decent weather, 130 in crap weather. As high as 235 miles on a long range test, as low as 115 on a winter motorway journey with the whole family in the car. The ID.4 seems to do 280-300 in good weather, 220 in cold weather. As low as 190 fully loaded on the motorway in winter, probably can do over 325 on a summer range test.
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