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Finally took delivery of my 2021 Model 3 last night. Very impressed so far. Had a good inspection on delivery and thankfully there's no noticeable issues with build quality. Paint job looks good, no panel gap issues, wheel trims all good. (edit.) Meant to say I've got it on a 3 year PCH deal with carlease.co.uk who were really straightforward to deal with. I did consider PCP, but thanks to the feedback on here realised that in 3 years time, tech will have moved on so much a 3 year old M3 may not be worth that much in resale.

Did 80 miles last night and it was really enjoyable. Took a little while getting used to some things, but generally pretty quick. Road position felt odd initially as I felt I was too far towards the left curb, but think it may just be the large windscreen and seat position. On self steer, it was very central on the display, but still felt too far left.

Did a supercharge as it only delivered with 120 miles power. That was surprisingly quick and easy. Getting the connector out of the housing was the most difficult part, but I got there in the end. Was great to see how cheap it was to put 200 miles into the battery.

Ride is comfortable, acceleration very fast, road noise minimal. Very intuitive overall and quick to adapt to. All round very pleased.

2 small gripes, one of which I knew about and is hopefully soon to come - no apple carplay/controlling iphone from display. The other may just be that i haven't found the answer yet.

It looks like all measurements/speed are either metric or imperial with no option to set different options for different functions. eg. I want my speed to be in MPH, but for the parking sensors i want it in cm/metric. Its not the end of the world, but seems like an easy thing to rectify to have options for each different setting - speed, parking sensor distance, sat nav distances, temp etc. I understand the UK are the ones clinging onto our imperial past, but the option to mix and match would be good and very useful. My brain can work in feet and inches, but cm/metres are more accurate and make more sense in my head.
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