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22 kw charging

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This is likely a dumb question. Is there a way that my 2018 40kw Leaf can make full use of the public chargers capable of charging at 22kw?

Happy Christmas seeing as I'm posting this on Christmas Day!
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A few months back in Whitby they fitted the first public charger of more than 7kw and it's a 22kw one. North Yorkshire council have announced they are putting in "rapid chargers" in some of their car parks including Whitby and it turns out they will be 22kw chargers.

It sounds daft when from what you say hardly anyone will be able to make full use of them only being able to charge at 7kw.
3 phase is standard in most of Europe, so many European cars (including the Corsa I have on order, and I think most Stellantis and VAG cars) can charge faster than 7kw, with the right cable. The Corsa can charge at 7kw single phase, or 3x3.6kw for 11kw at a 22kw charger, though I don't know if it'll come with a thicker 3 phase cable. I'm not bothered either way - at home I'll charge at 7kw, and on long journeys I'll use DC charging at 50-100kw.
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At least one new owner of a Zoe50 has been shocked to discover they couldn't use CCS after buying the car!
Doesn't that do 43kw AC charging? Barely slower than the 50kw max DC charging the CCS equipped Zoe can manage, so on paper it seems fine. Though I'm not sure I've ever seen a 43kw AC charger, which shows that reality isn't quite the same as theory, and research is important. I discounted the Zoe early on in my search, mainly due to the 50kw max, but also due to the EuroNCAP score. Having driven a 50kw max short range MG5 650 miles in a day, it turns out 50kw is fine, and I could have had it almost a year ago. If I hadn't already agreed a superb price for a Corsa, I'd cancel and buy an MG4 instead, but that would cost an extra £6000, so I'll be patient. I've only waited 10 months so far...
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Yep 43kW AC charging is gone. 22kW doesn’t seem to be far behind.

AC is for overnight charging, DC is for intra-journey charging. That is the position we have ended up in.
As it should be. Rapid DC for quick pit stops on a long journey, slow and cheap AC for overnight charging. Its hard to make a case for anything in between, though several cars do offer a 22kw on the options list.
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