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22 kw charging

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This is likely a dumb question. Is there a way that my 2018 40kw Leaf can make full use of the public chargers capable of charging at 22kw?

Happy Christmas seeing as I'm posting this on Christmas Day!
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Oh right. I feel less of a chump for buying a Leaf now with its "betamax" Chademo rapid charging.
Just out of interest, and may be of benefit to other potential purchasers, when did you understand the nuances of rapid charging standards and that the leaf couldn't charge on all networks? Presumably the sales person didn't make particular mention as they'd be losing a sale if they raised the subject of Chademo vs CCS! Would you have bought the car if you had been made aware of it?

Also don't forget the Zoe40 and even some of the Zoe50 cars don't have CCS either. At least one new owner of a Zoe50 has been shocked to discover they couldn't use CCS after buying the car!
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Doesn't that do 43kw AC charging?
IIRC only a niche of certain Zoe40 models, but no Zoe50 support it. If you read the classifieds on here you’ll notice if someone is selling a Zoe40 and it has 43kW, then the seller will usually mention it as a USP.

In any case 43kW is unlikely to be specced on public chargers. Consider it obsolete. Pretty sure even Gridserve are keeping to socketed 22kW on standalone posts.

At least CPOs now realise it’s not wise to put AC on Rapids as they just get camped on by PHEVs, and BEV drivers who don’t know any better.

A few years ago on this forum (before you joined) there were a few heated discussions when the new Zoe was announced to have CCS. It dawned on owners of the previous gen that they had an old standard which would go out of favour on the Rapid infrastructure as chargers are replaced etc. As we now know many networks install CCS and Chad only.

The OP mentioned Betamax and there can be nagging thought with some owners of being stuck with an obsolete standard. I wonder if the majority of those Zoe40 owners who were vocal about Rapid AC have retained their car!
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