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22 kw charging

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This is likely a dumb question. Is there a way that my 2018 40kw Leaf can make full use of the public chargers capable of charging at 22kw?

Happy Christmas seeing as I'm posting this on Christmas Day!
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I'm tempted by the Muxsan ccs upgrade, together with a battery upgrade, rather than a ccs car, but largely because (and it's very niche) of the Chademo V2G.
There's also something cool about having both CCS and Chademo, but whether that's worth the 5 grand (if I remember rightly) it costs is another question...
I always wondered how a mod like that would affect your insurance.
There's a thread here somewhere about it - a search for Muxsan would bring it up, I think. From memory it made no difference (as long as the suspension ended up where it started)
1 - 2 of 38 Posts