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3.0 OTA - who has it?

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I took my ID4 into the garage a few months ago, to upgrade software ready for the 3.0 OTA upgrade. The car was in the garage for 4 days as the update took this long.

I am yet to receive an OTA upgrade to 3.0 - has anyone else in the UK had this yet?

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Didn't see this page previously as I don't look at the ID4 section often, but just to add, I have had OTA 3.0 since a day or two before ukwizard I think and it is working well. Scheduled charging is working perfectly. The system in my car takes very slightly longer to boot up but is noticeably quicker once running (it was never a slow booter though, to avoid scaring people - it used to boot up fast but be laggy in use). Lane assist now does a better job of actually keeping you in lane on a motorway rather than letting you get slightly over the line, and not zigzagging quite so hard - although still annoying on other roads. The navigation is a big improvement for long drives with chargers - it gives you estimated arrival % and required departure % at each stop, and integrates the live availability data from wecharge in to the nav. Obviously you can can see SoC and outside temperature in the driver's display too.
The only negative for me so far is that I can't use online voice control. There is a bug in the app that is preventing me from enabling permission for the car to use it. I have seen a few other people with the same. Given that online voice control for navigation was laughably poor before the update this is not a big loss, but since the whole point of part 2 of the OTA update was to improve it, I was hoping to try it out.
I found the installation process ok but there were more steps than I was expecting even having read the instructions. You should definitely read the instructions so you know how to set up a profile after part 1 completes (and ideally allow 20-30 minutes in the car to do it).
There have been a small number of bricked cars on people's driveways but none in the UK that I know of, overall the programme seems to be going a lot better than 2.4 I think. Think they must be reaching the end of the 1000.
Oh, I saw someone reporting that the send-location-to-car function in the app now works repeatably and quickly...not for me!
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Minor update to my post above; the online voice control is now fixed. It's much better than 2.3/4 at recognising spoken destinations too, although still not on a par with Google.
Anyone have the S pin pop up on the infotainment screen asking to input a code (4 digit number) it offers a line to enter number + an option to save.

Do we just choose a 4 digit code and save it and it's a once only thing
You need to create it and remember it. When you next switch on, to begin with it will ask you for the s-pin, but when logged in you can go in to the user menu and tell it to default to not asking in future.
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Did everybody that has the software sign up on the Facebook page? I haven't but will if it means I can fix the charging!
You didn't have to join the Facebook group. You had to send an email to VW with a specific subject line by a specific date in October - the means to do this were advertised on the Facebook group. You are too late now and this wave was oversubscribed anyway - only 1000 out of 3800 people who sent the email were selected. They are now apparently making improvements in response to how this wave has gone before rolling out to more people. You'll have to wait a bit longer.
Joining the Facebook group is worthwhile if you want to be bang up to date when VW provide another update, however that could be a month or more away, and there is a lot of bumf on there...
Thanks. Are you able to link me to the correct group as they're a few?
The dealers and the customer support line are both clueless. If you really want to know the latest position, sign up to the ID Driver's Facebook group and read VW ID's posts on there - they are the only place that VW communicate any sort of 'live' position.
Hilariously the 2.4 update is going from bad to worse. I can't do anything from the we connect app due to "low 12v battery". Even though the battery has now been charged it's stuck in this state. Support told me that this is another reason I have to wait on 3.0!

Fingers crossed the update speed picks up.
You should call your dealer if you have a 12V error. If the app is non functional you probably won't be able to properly complete the 3.0 update.
It receives data and is connected - just can't send commands. Do you think the dealer will actually be able to help? Customer support seemed to think the 3.0 update was needed?
I don't know about the dealer I'm afraid. Personally, I would not try to initiate the 3.0 update on my car if it had a known connectivity problem or a 12V problem. There is too much risk of it failing and bricking the car - internet connectivity is required to complete the update and the 12V is required to keep it powered up for the duration.
The 3.0 update should not be required to fix a reported 12V battery problem.
Hi (sorry, if this is a silly question) ...

My ID4 first edition went in to the dealer for software/battery upgrade last week, when I checked system information it says 2.3.0 is this right? .. I was expecting 2.4 and then the onward OTA update to 3.0. ....
It's correct if it also says 0912. Previously it would have been 0910. For some reason VW's software engineers forgot to implement a change from 2.3 to 2.4 within the 2.4 software...
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Not that I'm aware of. There are conflicting reports that 3.0 does not solve scheduled charging and that 3.1 does but I've seen nothing official. The official line is 3.x sorts out scheduled charging but as I don't use it I cannot confirm.
3.0 definitely fixes scheduled charging. I've been using it since our car was updated in November, as have others.
3.1 brings trip data in the driver's display, plug 'n' charge (only available at Ionity via wecharge or electroverse at the moment but hopefully this will expand), and if you have the 77kwh battery I believe it brings v2g capability, if/when a compatible charger exists. As far as I know 3.2 is just bug fixes for 3.1.
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I think fastned also support plug and charge, but there's even fewer of them!
Fastned use a different, proprietary system called Autocharge that doesn't align with the 'standard'. Apparently it's simpler but less secure. There was a thread on this recently on the forum. VW cars apparently don't work with it.
However I'm hopeful that plug n charge will be expanded beyond Ionity in future, I believe it just requires the charger operators to install new software making them compatible... when Octopus recently started offering plug n charge in the same way as wecharge, they were clear that they are hoping to add more chargers.
I would be really interested to hear how VW handle this replacement 12v battery and update to 3.0 or higher because to all intents and purposes this looks like a cloaked recall to me. Do most of you that have this done to your ID4's get offered a courtesy car during the update, has anyone asked if they will collect the car and drop off a courtesy car at your home?
It is a recall and yes everyone gets (or should get) a courtesy car. It's not "cloaked", it has a recall number.
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