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3.0 OTA - who has it?

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I took my ID4 into the garage a few months ago, to upgrade software ready for the 3.0 OTA upgrade. The car was in the garage for 4 days as the update took this long.

I am yet to receive an OTA upgrade to 3.0 - has anyone else in the UK had this yet?

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<snip> and I had to mess around with the app to get it working again (delete vehicle and re-pair), but so far it is ok.
Did you follow the instructions on the V3.0 OTA web page on the VW site to re-register the WeConnectID app or did you just do it by trial and error? (https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/own...-update/software-update-3-0.html#installation)
So I‘ve taken my 2021 1st Ed ID4 into my local dealer (in UK) today to have the v3.0 update done. After a lot of moaning about winter range and scheduled charging issues and quoting TPI 2068680/5 they agreed to do it. The service advisor printed off the huge TPI notes and mentioned that they need to take it back to ID v2.2 before it can be updated to v3.0 which I thought was a little strange..
The car is currently on v2.4 (shows 2.3) and already had the 12v battery replacement.
Fingers crossed I get my car back with less issues than it went in with…
Which dealer would that be? How long have you been asking for the workshop update?
Mine is now booked in for the TPI 2068680/5 upgrade to V3.0 on 11th April. Fingers crossed!
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My ID.4 First Edition (March 2021) has now been upgraded to V3.0 via the TPI at the dealer. It took them a day, including picking up and dropping off the car with me. All seems to be working well.
I am travelling to Yorkshire soon, so I will be able to see if navigation is any better.
Navigation is much improved, with better graphics and better motorway junction directions, including lane information. Another useful addition to sat-nav is to be able to specify target range at charging stops and end of journey, so automatic charging stop calculation is more like ABRP and doesn't cut in early. Worth having a play with the settings to get a better plan.

Another useful addition in 3.0 is 135kW charging up from 125kW - if you want fastest possible charging get to a low SoC before plugging in.
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The over the air update to 3.0 has been paused by VW. An announcement on the future of the OTA update will be made by VW sometime this month. Volkswagen ID. Drivers Club | Facebook

In the meantime, if you want 3.0 enough you can have it done at the workshop under TPI 2068680/5 on request.
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Ask for that specifically, if the 3.0 TPI is on the worksheet, that's what you'll get.

I'm in the same boat as @Tigga, had mine upgraded on the 11th April so upgrade to 3.2 missed out. I'm not too fussed as 3.0 gave me most of what I wanted, especially the improved sat nav. I'd like Plug&Charge and the trip stats in the smaller screen that 3.1/3.2 bring but not so much I can be bothered taking it back to the dealer again 🤦‍♂️
Not that I'm aware of. There are conflicting reports that 3.0 does not solve scheduled charging and that 3.1 does but I've seen nothing official. The official line is 3.x sorts out scheduled charging but as I don't use it I cannot confirm.
Very interesting, thank you very much, my nearest service centre that is qualified to do this is over an hour away, that's why I asked about collect and dropoff
My dealer are picking up my car when they do it on June 5th. UK dealer.
And delivering a courtesy car?
Yes, I believe so. Last time they left me an Audi Q4 e-tron.
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