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3.0 OTA - who has it?

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I took my ID4 into the garage a few months ago, to upgrade software ready for the 3.0 OTA upgrade. The car was in the garage for 4 days as the update took this long.

I am yet to receive an OTA upgrade to 3.0 - has anyone else in the UK had this yet?

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We now have at least one in the UK as reported on the UK ID.3 Facebook group.
3.0 OTA Part 1 completed ok overnight. Came up with various lighting errors on the dash when switching on which cleared, I take it those are probing for the hardware support and the car does not have matrix lights. ACC was off but could be toggled back on when driving. Completed the post install setup of the user, adjusted privacy settings and loaded the apps from the shop to enable the car to share the odometer and location data. The car did a number of small updates immediately after the part 1 install completion. I also adjusted the maps setting to auto, so goes to dark mode at night - not sure why they do not follow the main setting.
System information showed 0362 for the software version. I exited the vehicle and left it for about 30 minutes, then went back in and did a small journey, but sat in the car about 30 minutes. At the end of the journey I had the prompt to install part 2. I kicked that off, and 90 minutes later all good.
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