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What’s the opinion of installing 3pin charging at the workplace. This assumes there is currently no charging available and little appetite to spend £xxxx on type 2 untethered sockets.

To avoid issues of hogging, free electricity, and admin for charging, my suggestion would be to install a coin operated timer for each socket. I’ve found a supplier of coin operated timers - each timer is circa £200. The timers aren’t IP rated so would need to be mounted in an enclosure. The timer works by adding a specific number of minutes per coin, eg £1coin = 3hours, or 20pcoin, = 30minutes. This can adjusted.

The other costs I see are the electrician installing the suitably rated cables, RCBOs and earth rod. That’s no different to other installs.

I think it’s the cheapest option to install, and at least provides some way to add range while at work. It's better than nothing! Is anyone aware of sites that provide either paid for, or free 3pin charging?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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