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Surely, this is a situation where it is crying out to have the entire meter/timeswitch and all those separate fuses ripped out and replaced. You would gain masses of space in the meter cupboard just by replacing the meter with a modern one, you would gain a lot in safety, and have ample space for an extra circuit for an EVSE.
This. If it was my house I would do as suggested above. Spend the £3k on having modern consumer units with RCD fitted (if wiring is safe to do this).

Have the ancient economy meter replaced with a Smart meter this should be free and will create a load of space. You can then have a safe dedicated circuit fitted for a car charger. It will also make the house supply a lot safer.

I think what this shows is how bad the domestic infrastructure is in the country. We have a lot of old property that hasn't been properly modernised.

They want to get rid of gas boilers and go to heat pumps etc. How do you wire it into that ? Ok this property uses electricity for heating but what if had gas heating ?

I have owned and renovated many period properties over the years . The first thing I do is completely rewire them. It's a messy, expensive and time consuming business though unfortunately.
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