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Soul EV 30kWh 2018 MY
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Wow!! - guess I'm being shortchanged then. Is there anyway to increase the range, like maybe driving it slightly more aggressively, allowing to discharge further before recharging etcetc?
MORE aggressively→LESS efficiency. Why? Higher current in battery and motor→more heat losses→wasted energy. The economy trick with ICE cars to anticipate slowdowns and slow down early, rather than waste energy braking, also applies (regen braking does not recover all the energy, and the friction brakes still play a part). Another piece of economy advice I've seen is to use the seat and wheel heating but not the cabin heating.

Most offered advice is to operate the battery between 30% and 80% (some say 20 - 70). This improves battery longevity and is probably good for economy too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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