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30kW Technical manual

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Anyone know where I can download a copy of the technical manual for a 30kW leaf ?
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I have it in my dropbox, link here:workshop_manual Go to the Main_index_pdf.txt first to make sense of it.

EDIT 18 July 2020......
I just discovered that my linux system dropbox app sends all lower case files, the index requires the prefix to be upper.

Just run this bash script in a linux terminal and it will change the prefixes to upper case so the index works.


 for file in * ; do            # or .jpg, or x.jpg, or whatever

basename=$(tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' <<< "${file%.*}")


mv "$file" "$newname"

Alternatively I have uploaded a converted file and the new link is here: workshop_manualcaps

Cheers, Tony.
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Thanks for that !
Many thanks for that. I am puzzled by the maintenance periodicities in section MA. E.g. every 6 months for inspection the brake pads and lubricating locks and 2 years for replacing the brake fluid seems way too frequent to me. My pads at 7 years and 50k miles are "as good as new".
2 years for replacing the brake fluid
That's their go to justification for charging stupid money for the major service ;)
It says in section MA of the manual about gearbox oil “If foreign matter, such as gear abrasion powder, is on the magnet of the filler plug, wipe it free of adherents before installation.” Mine had about 1mm thick coating of fine powder all over the magnet. Is that a normal amount? It’s not been checked for 3-4 years and possibly 7 if the garage never did it despite the manual’s yearly instruction.

Oil level is about 2mm below hole. It would be hard to get more in without making a mess. Anyone know where to buy the official Genuine NISSAN Matic S ATF reduction gear fluid? That is a USA recommended product but assume it’s the same in UK. Can’t find it on normal online ships, Maybe a Nisan dealer would sell it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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