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After being interested in the 500e for quite a while, I was finally able to have a test drive last week at my local Fiat garage. Looks like I was the first to try it, as it only had 8 miles on the clock!

In general the car is a real quantum leap over the old 500. I always loved the look of the old 500, and actually bought one in 2009. However I sold it soon after as it was pretty crap to drive. This new electric model improves on the old car in pretty much every conceivable way.


Looks great in the metal.
Finally a good driving position in a 500! Lots of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel. You can sit noticeably lower compared to the old 500.
The central display in the La Prima I drove was responsive and crisp, wireless CarPlay worked faultlessly.
Radar cruise and auto lane hold worked very well.
Performance felt decent. Nippy away from the lights.
Amazing turning circle!
I didn't have time to fully test the efficiency, but it seemed pretty good. Range was stated at 160 miles at 100% when I first got in, I drove for 13 miles at a stated 4 mi/kwh on a mixture of motorway and town driving and got back with 7% used and 147 miles left on the GOM.


Although the interior looks great, there are a few bits where the materials feel cheap.
The ride was generally good, but it tended to thump over serious bumps. Nowhere near as bad as the old 500 though.

Overall I really liked it! It's a pity I couldn't keep it for longer to really see what the efficiency is like and what it's like to live with. I'd also be interested to see what deals are available, at the right price it could be a really compelling package!
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