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52kw ID.4 Charging curve

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Does anyone know where to find a charging curve for an ID.4 with a 52kw battery. I can see the bigger battery option on Fastneds website, but nothing for the smaller battery,

I keep trying to get more than 65kw but have failed, more often than not I get 54kw, starting with battery percentages from anything from 5-20% up to charges starting with 40 or 50%, I get the same result of 54kw per hour petering out to around 30kw once the charge gets into the 70% range. That's after a run (or not) to warm the battery.

Just wondering (assuming it is) if this is normal for the smaller battery and it charges at quite a lot slower rate than the larger battery, and why that might be.
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1) The charge curve will probably be the same as the 54kWh iD3.
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2) Just because you’ve been driving doesn’t mean the battery is warm, moderate speeds on flat motorways, don’t heat the battery. Try setting the chart as the location in the onboard nav the car might preheat the battery. Try driving faster as you get near the charger.

3) Smaller batteries charge slower than bigger ones. You just have fewer cells to share the electrons between.
There is no 52kwh ID3. The 58kwh is a bigger battery (62kwh gross) and hits 135kw peak (the Fastned curves are all out of date for cars which have been upgraded to software 2.4 or were built after mid 2021, except for the 77kwh battery. The 77kwh battery should get much better too with software 3.0 when it eventually arrives OTA).
The 52kwh ID4 should peak at least as high as the 45kwh ID3. That's about 110-115kw now.

I would agree re temperature. From our experience I've found our ID3 battery will warm up doing 70 (sometimes indicated 73) on the motorway but only slowly. If one is pootling at 60-65 on a cold day it probably won't do much. (Edit, just to add to this. Charging heats the battery a lot more than driving. If you do two short charges on a journey rather than one long one, you're likely to have a nice warm battery for the second. But obviously this is extra faff.)

No other ideas I'm afraid OP. If it's warm and you arrive with 5%, it should charge at full speed. It could be a charger problem?
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