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52kw ID.4 Charging curve

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Does anyone know where to find a charging curve for an ID.4 with a 52kw battery. I can see the bigger battery option on Fastneds website, but nothing for the smaller battery,

I keep trying to get more than 65kw but have failed, more often than not I get 54kw, starting with battery percentages from anything from 5-20% up to charges starting with 40 or 50%, I get the same result of 54kw per hour petering out to around 30kw once the charge gets into the 70% range. That's after a run (or not) to warm the battery.

Just wondering (assuming it is) if this is normal for the smaller battery and it charges at quite a lot slower rate than the larger battery, and why that might be.
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In addition to the above the slow rates could be down to the charger itself throttling it rather than the car.

VAG uses 400v architecture, some chargers only pump put their advertised at 800v odd.

Although the smaller battery has a slower charge rate than the larger type its not that much slower end to end because its smaller. Of the handful of times I have charged publically, I was typically getting the 65 to 50 you state Wizard in the 58kWh ID3 but eventually saw the 110kw rate on way back from Norfolk getting down to 10% and a good run on a warm day, on a Shell ultra 175kw rapid. You'll see it eventually.
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