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I agree with some of your "not so great things". The blind spot is pretty huge & does take some leaning to look around it at junctions & roundabouts.

The peddles are not lined up properly, the brake is too far to the right.
I think this is probably just a subjective view based on what you're used to in the Leaf. I found it fine coming from an e-Golf and an automatic vRS before that.

As the seat is quite low for an electric vehicle the seat needs to go back further. There is little room in the rear after that. Rear passenger can't put feet under the seat when it's low.
The seat is height adjustable on all models. It has quite a lot of range.

It rolls back at junctions, there is a setting for this most likely but why not on by default.
Yes, there is auto hold which stays on permanently once it's set. It's easily accessible by pulling down from the top of the main screen. I'm not sure it's off by default, but suspect it may be turned off by people test driving the car before you who are not used to it.

my Leaf feels a bit more solid and due to the seats being more upright it has more room
Not sure I follow what you mean here. Could you not set the seat more upright with the seat adjustments?
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