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I do think you've got to consider your height, which is way above average. Presumably you've got your driving seat way back on the rails and set very low. I'm dot on 6ft and find the ID3 extremely spacious, front and back, every bit as spacious as our 2019 A4 Avant (boot excluded from that comment), with lots of room. If the B pillar isn't as far back as you'd like, it'll be because you've got the seat on the end of the rails. The front and rear doors are proportioned nicely, moving the B-pillar will give the passengers far less room to enter/exit the vehicle.

The pedal position seems absolutely fine to me. Both pedals are meant to be used by the right foot and they are spaced to comfortably do so, with the throttle pedal set far right so you can use the foot rest with it. The brake pedal is large and adequately spaced to easily flit between the 2 pedals. A lack of clutch pedal shouldn't mean chucking the brake pedal well into the left side of the drivers footwell. There are some horribly cramped brake/clutch pedals (ever driven a BMW Mini?).

The pedals are positioned as I'd expect, for every VAG I've owned, there's nothing unusual or unique about the ID3's pedal placement.

If I was 6'4", I'd probably resign myself to driving big SUVs or long saloons for the room I'd need.
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