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With the good deals that have been advertised I thought I'd go try an ID.3 and maybe buy if it was right for me. Having had a Nissan Leaf 30 kwh for 4 years I would like a bit more range. I'm 6ft4 so look at cars a bit different to most, this is what I found when driving the Life Pro Performance model

Good stuff:
  • Seat upholstery on the life was okay, the family only a tiny upgrade quality wise.
  • The centre screen was quick and the touch sensitive buttons worked okay for me. Very crisp image on the displays.
  • The controls for mirrors and window switches are good, in some ways I prefer them to normal style.
  • Seat goes a long way back
  • Re-gen pretty good (others have stronger but this is good level)
  • Cruise works fantastic to slow you down when coming up to a car, really smooth.
  • Jump in, brake, drive and away you go. No need for handbrake, foot brake or electric parking brake release. Just the way it should be

Not so great things:
  • No adjustment of seat belt height (this is like going back to the 80s)
  • The peddles are not lined up properly, the brake is too far to the right.
  • The A pillars have huge blind spots (I owned a Mitsubishi Colt which is awful and you could miss a truck, this is almost as bad).
  • The B pillar is to far forward, I'd rub it on every entry and exit
  • As the seat is quite low for an electric vehicle the seat needs to go back further. There is little room in the rear after that. Rear passenger can't put feet under the seat when it's low.
  • Touch controls on steering wheel aren't the best and could be labeled a lot better.
  • It rolls back at junctions, there is a setting for this most likely but why not on by default.
  • Rear view is pretty small. The rear camera would certainly be desirable.

Overall an okay car, I found the build quality average, my Leaf feels a bit more solid and due to the seats being more upright it has more room (it's also a slightly longer car though). So not the right car for me, but for a lot of people it's a good deal at the prices they're currently selling at.
I’m 6’ 3” and have a test drive booked for tomorrow. Will see what trim level I get and if I share your concerns.
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