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I’ve always been super diligent in carrying out ‘checks’ and ‘maintaining’ my previous ICE cars often choosing to go way above and beyond specified OEM advice, hence I would like to think steering clear of any serious repairs and bills.

There is lots and lots of very good technical knowledge and detailed content on this forum (sometimes overwhelming as a recent/novice owner of an Ampera), I am still on a steep learning curve about what would constitute a good, diligent check and maintenance regime for my Ampera. Obviously I’d like to avoid any nightmare repairs problems before they might arise.

I wonder if I could simply ask the following question to create a maintenance regime, what are the TWO things you consider most important to keep an eye on and check/change each:

  • week
  • month
  • year

Of course there may not be two things to say or there might be more! Thank you in advance for your input, and hopefully might help others starting out on their Ampera journey! 😊
Here is a maintenance schedule for the Ampera. The coolant change and the A/C refills need to be done by the dealer. Other items are easy to do at home after the warranty has expired.


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