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One thing I need to know is what part number to order.
All these versions will work on the 2011-2012, not much difference between reliability
296A0 3NA0A → 296A0 3NA0E​
296A0 3NA1A → 296A0 3NA1E​
296A0 3NA2A → 296A0 3NA2E​
296A0 3NA3A → 296A0 3NA3E​
296A0 3NA4A → 296A0 3NA4F​
296A0 3NA5A → 296A0 3NA7A​
296A0 3NA6A → 296A0 3NA7A​
296A0-3NA8A (current hardware version – no known update available)​

And my last question. How do you update the firmware on these chargers. Is that a Nissan dealer thing only?
Only Nissan can do this yes. But again, not much to be gained from firmware updates unfortunately!
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