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Hey all,
I'm waiting for my BMW i3 94Ah ReX to be delivered in September (btw, great deal for a business hire at BMW Park Lane), and I was just wondering if it would be crazy enough to leave with that car for a long haul trip through Europe. My plan would be to leave London, take the ferry in Dover and drive through a bit of France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. It would be around 3,500 miles back and forth.

The awesome ChargeMap - a community driven map of charging points for electric vehicles looks updated and plenty of information, but I really wonder if it would be too difficult to plan for charging. It looks like every country has its own charging network, plugs might be different, fast charging points might be rare.

I would like to hear from anyone who planned a similar long distance trip with an i3 or similar. I'm pretty sure the range extender could help, but it wouldn't be cool to stop every 80 miles to fill-up the small fuel tank – no, I won't carry an additional fuel tank in my boot ;).
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