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A V2G data point

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After being on the Powerloop trial I returned the 40kW Leaf last month.

Hope this interests some, I've put some comments in down below
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I. First time I've used LeafSpy, and the odometer reading is wrong as the car had done c6,300 miles - not sure why

2. The V2G was only used intensively for 10 months.

3. The QC reading reflects the evolving nature of the communications software!

4. I cannot say exactly how much I've made/saved - however it roughly pays all my electricity bills (gas-fired CH :() with free motoring.


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That's great effectively getting free motoring. The QC number is extremely high, hope it gets sorted soon.

How old is the 40 kWh Leaf? 6% is quite a lot of degradation for just 6000 miles driven.
What sort of charging/discharging pattern was V2G? Does it effectively charge/discharge to limits every day? There should be upper and lower limits that you can set, what did you set it to?

I'm getting V2H installed for my now ~18 kWh Leaf that is only used for school runs. I hope it can survive. Though price of second hand 40 kWh cars are very tempting.
The QC figure relates to, literally, thousands of 1 minute (or less) sessions.

It was 2 years old. I can see an argument developing where people (all of us) brought up believing mileage was a key component in vehicle resale value will feel V2X is like clocking a car.

So with Powerloop there is a choice of 2 different modes which I'll call Basic and Advanced.

Basic mode set up from home through the charger's app is 4pm - 7pm discharge, recharge after 11.30pm. Recommended limits are 30% - 85%.

Advanced mode is where you give control to Octopus using OCPP protocol to connect to their Kraken timing control system. The timing never starts before 4pm but can continue past 7pm. Same limits apply but the user can change them. I always use this system but it's not 100% reliable.

Obviously with both modes it can be interrupted at any time.

Good luck with V2H - the key to success will the reliability of the software
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93.75% SOH isn't too bad for a two year old Leaf. A lot of the degradation is calendar rather than mileage based.
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30% to 85% is about what I'd select for my car, perhaps down to 10% after school run 'cos no longer need the car until next day. I suppose they are rolled out basic first, then advanced, now tweaking software to work with dynamic nature of V2H.

Yes, I have found Leaf battery to degrade with time. I've observed 2-3% per year degradation. So for 2 years old that's about right. Great to see V2G hasn't "clocked" the car, sorry, I thought it was just 1 year old due to low mileage. Hopefully it wouldn't affect resale value. "Returned" means lease returned? I guess you don't know how V2G affected residue.

You should be able to turn your V2G into V2H? I believe the hardware is the same?

Finally, totally agree, software rules the experience these days. But I'm not expecting much, I currently plug in my Tesla (already covered more miles at 8 months old) when WFH to charge using solar PV. I use Home Assistant to tweak Tesla charging amp according to smart meter. This gives me power resolution of 240w and time resolution of 30s. Indra says V2H kit will have power resolution of 40w and I am sure time resolution will be better.
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Yes, Powerloop was initiated based on an Octopus leased Leaf. I've bought a 59Kw Leaf now which theoretically should discharge/charge more.

I'd not heard of Home Assistant before as automation is on my agenda so massive thanks for that. Do you know if you can build an integration from scratch knowing the IP address of your device? They do not have my brand of inverter, Solis, listed.

Also the one limitation, I've not mentioned, is I have is a minimum discharge/charge rate of 6amps so currently to use my panels I wait till I'm getting about 1.6kW before manually turning the charger on. It also means V2H is unlikely to be viable as I'm rarely using 6amps continuously.

Thanks again
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Minimum charge/discharge rate of 6 amps!?!! That's completely useless for me, my small solar install rarely goes above that. I hope V2H would be less restrictive. I'll contact them to check, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

As risk of going off topic...... Home Assistant will work with anything, it is built in a modular way. If you can't find it in its default integrations list, just search the thing you want integrated followed by Home Assistant. I've found a few for Solis : a community post, a github integration, and a wordpress post.
But it has to be something used by lots of people, not enough people have the Indra charge point and V2G/H so there's no ready-made integration. Yes, you can build integration from scratch if you know your way around Python.
I. First time I've used LeafSpy, and the odometer reading is wrong as the car had done c6,300 miles - not sure why
My first guess was that LeafSpy has got confused about miles and kilometres -- the car data can be returned in either. If LeafSpy was given a number of miles but thought this was km, it would divide by 1.609344 and give a wrong number. That would match 6988, though, not 6300, so perhaps a different error.

Thanks for the post - all interesting.
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