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A Very Nasty Case Of RapidGate

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Nissan Leaf 40 kWh Bangkok challenge

Good use of LeafSpy

Shows the 10% reserve when the GOM hits Zero

Very good Efficiency
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Interestingly enough I've just done my longest journey in the leaf, just over 200 miles. On the way away I charged to 100% the night before, and did 2 rapid charges en-route, but on the way home I did 3 rapid charges, one before leaving Glasgow and 2 en-route. I was interested to see the battery temperature didn't go much above mid-way and was well short of the two red lines.

I set the cruise control at 63 and stuck with that except for some bursts to overtake lorries - and I suppose winter in Scotland helped. There are some advantages of a cold climate.....
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