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Abnormal rear tyre wear?

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Crossposting this here given the same platform...

I've had knocking from the rear suspension on my Enyaq since new. Took it back to the dealer a month after picking it up, they couldnt find anything and claimed it was just because the car is very quiet...

Anyway, i've ignored it for a while, its not got any worse, or any better but at the weekend i decided to pull a wheel off and have a look for myself (having read about transport blocks being left installed)

Didnt find anything obvious wrong with the rear suspension, nor any transport blocks, but what i did find was some really bad tyre wear on the inner shoulders of both rear tyres:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Tread

The sharp roll off and ridge on the outer edge is characteristic of incorrect rear toe settings. Ofcourse it could also be something loose in the rear suspension.

I'm intrigued if anyone else has seen this on their IDs?

It shocked me somewhat, as the tyre ofcourse looks perfect from even a fairly decent glance from the outside, and yet this wear means its almost illegal on the inside.
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