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Aircon touch controls not illuminated

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I’ve just collected my new id.4 max today (hooray!) It is a lovely car.

However, driving at night, I can’t use the air conditioning touch controls, as I can’t see them - they’re not illuminated. Is this a fault or is there some menu item which I need to set to illuminate the controls? Does anyone else have the same problem?
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I believe the VW leadership admitted that illumination of the haptic heater temp controls was an ‘oversight’..!

You can of course still use the main screen after touching the ‘clima’ button (that is illuminated) or you could try the voice controls?

You’ll learn where they are in a short time though, and it won’t cause you much of an issue hopefully!
Thanks for that - at least there’s a workaround, but a really irritating omission!
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The other really annoying omission is lights for the internal door handles (as provided on the Golf GTE).

We do get lots of lovely technicolour mood lighting though!

I am assuming that your ID4 is the same as my ID3.
Yes - although the main interior lights do come on when you park - if you then wait a while (to play with the infotainment system), they go out again. I had to switch them back on to work out how to get out! I suspect we'll get used to it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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