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I was very definitely not impressed with the quality and durability of the Tesla Model 3 interior as the one I drove for several months looked as if it was a ten year old car rather than a 2 year old one with deep creases and bad signs of wear on the seats. One thing the German manufacturers usually seem to get right are the interiors at least they did until a few years ago when things seems to start to slide a bit. Audi still seem to do a good job with interior quality though and certainly better than BMW or Mercedes. A friend has a Porsche Cayenne and the interior of that is pretty good although I think that Audi do a better job on their higher end cars.

Living and working in the US I did notice that US made cars were not always the best when it came to interior quality though and seemed to often show more signs of wear and tear after a few years use than cars of a similar market segment from Japanese and German manufacturers.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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